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Water Resources Management

What We Do

At Motus, we help address the practical considerations of relentless population growth, ongoing development and climate change, and bring the needs of the environment into balance with the needs of the community.
Water Management At The Edge Of The Everglades
Our nationally recognized water resources team has years of experience dealing with storm-water problems while addressing water quality targets, non-point source pollution, flood mitigation, habitat preservation and more. We bring our water resources expertise to the earliest stages of your project, taking into account increased regulatory pressures, depleted water supplies, aquifer restrictions, and other important considerations. We do it with full awareness of the surrounding environment, so storm-water controls blend seamlessly with natural features such as wetlands, riparian corridors, and floodplains. It’s all part of a “smart growth” development strategy, and the key to faster permitting

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Water Management At The Edge Of The Everglades

Water Resources Management